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Khaplu, along Shyok River, is a beautiful valley, lush green with corn fields. Khaplu town is 99 Km East of Skardu.(on 2 hours drive) A very easy approach to Khaplu (a 2½ hour drive) , daily bus, Wagon and jeep services from Skardu. The Shyok River flows into the Indus about 35 kilometers from Skardu. The road crosses the Indus and follows the Shyok River.

Khaplu has called many names like “ Shyok Valley”,” Ghangche” and Little Tibet. Khaplu is Head Quarter of Ghangche District. In Khaplu there are many historical places like Chaqchan Mosque a most beautiful mosque in Asia (700 years old founded by Syed Ali Hamdani, the first Islam preacher in this area), Raja Palace is a beautiful building, is the last & best Tibetan style palace in Pakistan, and Khanqah of Khaplu, is attributed to Syed Muhammad Shah S/O Syed Mukhtar “ Peer Norbaksha “ & was built in 1712 AD / 1124 AH,. and so many other historical and Architectural building placed in Khaplu. Khaplu is the gateway to Masherbrum Peak, K7, K-6, Namika, Chogolisa for mountaineers and Gondogoro la, Gondogoro Peak, Saraksa Glacier, Gondogoro Glacier, Masherbrum Glacier, Aling Glacier, Kandey Nangma, Machlu Broq, Thaely La, Daholi lake, Kharfaq Lake, Ghangche Lake and Bara Lake for trekkers, Khaplu is a very beautiful place for hiking like Khaplu Braq, Khaplu Thung and Kaldaq. One most grade opportunity for rafting on Shyok River, as well as the rock climbing places like Biamari Thoqsikhar and DowoKraming ( Hot Spring ). At 2555 meters, Khaplu is cooler than Skardu, with the friendly character of the people and superb walks along irrigation channels; Khaplu is well worth visiting and the nicest place to stay in Baltistan.

Khaplu is a well known of Balti culture and Heritage in Baltistan and most peaceful area in the world.